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Ana Canelas

Online integrative therapist (English, Spanish & Portugees)

With a path marked by a thirst for discovering her life's purpose, for self-healing from intense health issues that quickly surfaced, and in response to the call for relational depth and motherhood, Ana is a guide who opens pathways.

A teacher who learns through teaching and is constantly being educated. Much of her knowledge has been gained from her deep connection with ancient Indian disciplines - Yoga and Ayurveda. Ana advocates for a paradigm shift and breaking family patterns in favor of happier and more conscious parenting and relationships.

India, Barcelona, Genova, Porto, and Algarve are the places that have welcomed her during these twenty years, in her greatest moments of seeking knowledge, clarity, and growth.

In 2008, she created the New Being Programs project, and currently integrates into her practice the extremely powerful techniques of BrainSpotting and Schema Therapy.

The therapy she proposes stems from the immense motivation to offer a shortcut to anyone who feels the call to heal and pacify their lives. Whether it's meeting their life's purpose, their spirituality, or realizing relational and parental desires.

The therapy and coaching offered by Ana Canelas stand out for their versatility, experience with various healing tools, strong intuition, profound listening skills, loving directness, and creativity to tailor sessions to the individual needs of each person.

Therapy and coaching

In these sessions, we explore which aspects of your life are not going as desired and how you can improve your well-being. We identify sabotaging patterns and their causes, learn to recognize emotional needs, and promote growth by addressing inner blockages. Together, we build clarity and resilience, empowering you to make new choices for a more fulfilling life with self-awareness.


By becoming familiar with your inner world and learning to be with it, you can:

1. Create a space between who you are and what you experience.

2. Notice, label, and accept what you feel.

3. Identify and reduce triggers.

4. Pay attention to physical symptoms and understand their causes.

5. Consider the stories you tell yourself and create new ones.

6. Use your inner guidance to make choices that align with what makes you happy.

During each session, I will guide you through various experiences to help you relax, turn inward, and learn tools to explore your inner world with wisdom.

Clarity session

A first initial meeting via phone or video (20 minutes) to understand how I can support you and whether there is enough empathy to form a team together in your journey of healing and growth. Together, we decide how to proceed. For practical reasons, online therapy has become the most popular option. It has many benefits and also limitations, depending on the preference, experience, and belief of the client. In my experience, online therapy works just as well as in-person.


Ons doel is om te beschermen waar jij het meest om geeft!

Bij Sentum hanteren we een uitgebreide en holistische aanpak om uw welzijn te bevorderen, ondersteund door ons multidisciplinaire team van ervaren professionals.


Onze benadering begint met een grondig intakegesprek, waarin we uw individuele behoeften, uitdagingen en doelen in kaart brengen. We streven ernaar een diepgaand begrip te krijgen van uw situatie, zodat we een op maat gemaakt behandelplan kunnen ontwikkelen dat het beste bij u past.

Ons multidisciplinaire team bestaat uit experts op verschillende gebieden, waaronder psychotherapie, coaching, mindfulness, relatie- en gezinstherapie, en meer. Door verschillende disciplines te integreren, bieden we een breed scala aan interventies en technieken om u te ondersteunen bij uw persoonlijke groei en herstel.

Tijdens het behandelproces blijven we nauw met u samenwerken, waarbij we regelmatig evalueren en aanpassen om ervoor te zorgen dat u de best mogelijke zorg en ondersteuning ontvangt.


Ons doel is om een veilige en ondersteunende omgeving te creëren waarin u zich gehoord, begrepen en gesteund voelt op uw reis naar welzijn en zelfontdekking.

Well-being and growth at Sentum

Making an appointment with one of our team members at Sentum offers numerous benefits, both in the short and long term. Our professional guidance and support help individuals improve their well-being and cope with challenges in various areas of life.

In the short term, clients may experience immediate relief from stress, anxiety, or other mental health issues. In the long term, regular attendance of sessions can lead to profound personal growth, improved relationships, and a better quality of life.

To make the most of the sessions, we encourage clients to be open to change, actively participate in the therapeutic process, and demonstrate consistency in attending appointments.

By focusing on self-care and personal development, clients can not only take care of themselves but also bring about positive changes in their environment and relationships.

At Sentum, we strive to keep the threshold as low as possible so that everyone who needs it has access to our services. We create a safe and supportive environment where clients can be themselves and speak freely without fear of judgment. Professionalism is essential to us, but we also value providing a warm and empathetic approach, where clients feel heard, understood, and respected.

"Become the writer of your life story and discover your true self"


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