Online therapeut Engels, Spaans en Portugees & Brainspotting Ana Canelas

Ana Canelas: Therapist & emotional empowerment coach

“Healing and pacifying your relationships and your life.”

Hello I’m Ana Canelas, a therapist and emotional empowerment coach.  

I’m experienced in supporting growth, healing, emotional transformation and human empowerment.
I offer support and a shortcut to everyone who feels the call to heal and pacify their relationships and their lives. By expanding your emotional awareness, healing painful patterns of self-sabotage and developing healthy aspects of yourself, it is possible to create the life you deserve and dream about.

“Discover your true Self and be the writer of your life story."

During sessions I hold a space of deep listening about what brought you to me. Then I offer a path of learning and healing that corresponds to your unique characteristics and needs, where I integrate different healing and  coaching tools like Schema Therapy, Brainspotting and Emotional Empowerment Coaching. Together we will identify emotional, relational and/or behavioural  issues that act as saboteurs in your life and produce the results that lead you to therapy:


Feeling relational anxiety, not being able to be in a relationship, toxic relationships, loneliness.


Deep sadness and emptiness without apparent cause, nostalgia, apathy, depression.


Uncontrolled, unconscious, destructive anger. Inability to express oneself without impulsiveness or aggression.


Emotional Instability and difficulty in emotionally self-regulating. 


Feeling lost and aimless, confused, lacking in purpose, or having difficulty taking charge of your life.


Lack of balance between different areas of life. 


Feeling blocked at a certain stage of life and having important decisions to make.


Living in the shadow of the past with feelings of guilt, attachment, shame, unworthiness, dissatisfaction, etc.


Feeling powerless in the face of circumstances, relationships and behavioural and emotional patterns that generate suffering.

Online session

  • Individual session
  • Time: 60min.

Online Session

  • Individual session
  • Time: 90min.


  • Depends on the needs
  • Time: to discuss